Welcome MidWestOne Bank

On June 10, 2024, MidWestOne Bank Florida clients will officially become members of DFCU Financial.

We're excited to welcome you to DFCU. Rest assured, the dedicated team you've grown to trust will continue to serve you, maintaining our commitment to the community-focused financial support you rely on. During this transition period, you can continue accessing your accounts at MidWestOne.Bank. Please read below for important updates and resources.

Contact our team. 

Online and Mobile Banking Accounts
Continue to access Online Banking and Mobile Banking with your current name and password. 

- Online Banking access at MidWestOne.Bank

- Mobile Banking access through MidWestOne Mobile Apps.

IMPORTANT: You will receive communication prior to June 2024 regarding new login instructions for DFCU Financial Online Banking and Mobile Banking.  

Debit Card
Continue to use your MidWestOne Debit Card during this transition.

IMPORTANT: In May 2024, you will receive your new DFCU Financial Debit Card and PIN in the mail. 

Mark your calendars!

There are a few important tasks you’ll need to complete as soon as possible AFTER June 10th for a successful transition:

DFCU Financial's routing number is 072486791.

Bill Payments/ACH Transactions

Update your bill payments and ACH transactions. 



On June 10th, your MidWestOne checks will no longer be valid. We will work with you to ensure you have DFCU checks prior to June 10th.


Direct Deposits

Update your direct deposits to ensure that your salary, retirement benefits, government benefits, or any other direct deposits are accurately credited to your account.


Routing #

Update your routing number from MidWestOne to DFCU Financial (072486791).


Starting June 10th Your Funds Will Be Insured by the NCUA

What's the difference between the FDIC and the NCUA?

Not much really: the FDIC insures your funds in a bank, while the NCUA insures credit union accounts. 


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